Ironlak | 7mm Pump Action Paint Marker Set [4pcs]


Ironlak | 7mm Pump Action Paint Marker Set [4pcs]

  • 7mm Chisel Tip

  • Highly Opaque Acrylic Paint

  • Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor Use

  • Can Be Applied to Most Surfaces

Ironlak Set:
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  • Creative Set Includes: Aspen (White), Chrome, Gold & Roarke (Black)

  • Fluoro Set Includes: Fluoro Pink, Fluoro Orange, Fluoro Green & Fluoro Blue

  • Grey Scale Set Includes: Washington, Battleship, Melbourne & Roarke (Black)

  • Metallic Set Includes: Red Shimmer, Purple Shimmer, Green Shimmer & Blue Shimmer

  • Primary Set Includes: Pineapple Park, Soviet, Smurf & Roarke (Black)

"The Pump Action valve system has been created to offer artists a superior quality adjustable output paint marker across a range of different surfaces and application techniques. The 7mm Pump Action Paint marker boasts a durable chisel tip great for creating clean strokes and filling medium sized areas with ease. Refillable from the rear of a durable PP barrel filled with a select range of highly opaque, odourless Ironlak Premium formula water based paint colours."
– Ironlak