Ironlak | 10mm Oozie Paint Mop

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Ironlak | 10mm Oozie Paint Mop

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  • 10mm Mohair Nib

  • Equipped & Refillable with Fluid Acrylic Paint

  • Adjustable Output Through Squeezable Body

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  • Xylene & Toluene Free

  • Permanent & Lightfast

  • Highly Opaque Colours Providing Superior Coverage

"Ironlak Oozie Paint Mops have been designed to perform across a range of different application techniques. Whether it is long drips, clean strokes or circular pattern creation, the Oozie is as good outside as it is in the studio. The 10mm Paint Oozie comes in an economically sized squeezable body, which enables the artist to adjust the paint flow to achieve varying outcomes across a select range of familiar Ironlak Premium formula colours."
– Ironlak