Grog | Squeezer Mini 05 [Empty]


Grog | Squeezer Mini 05 [Empty]

  • 5mm Flowtex Round Tip

  • High Flow Squeezable Empty Marker

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Grog Squeezer is a best seller. The mini soft body is squeezable for ease of control and increasing flow through its 5mm Flowtex Tip. Suitable for use with all Grog refills, as well as most types of ink and paint. These mops can be filled up, used, and refilled several times. The nib is replaceable and recommended for smooth surfaces. Rough surfaces could tear the nib.

"Empty version of our new born baby.

With its 35 ml of barrel volume, SQUEEZER MINI 05 EPT can be fueled with the FULL METAL PAINT 200 or the AQUA PRO PAINT 100 refills as the filled version, with BUFF PROOF INK, STREET KILLER INK or XTRA FLOW PAINT refills as well."

– Grog