Grog | Cutter 08 [Empty]


Grog | Cutter 08 [Empty]

  • Top Grade Pump-Action Empty Marker

  • 08mm Quickflow Chisel Tip

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Grog Cutter 08 is a pocket-size Top Grade Pump Marker. The pump valve system allows a controlled and consistent flow through its replaceable 8mm Quickflow Tip. The body of this marker is a strong plastic barrel, which can be refilled and reused several times. The cap has an anti-drip closure for keeping the mess out of your pockets. Suitable to use with most inks and paints.

"Empty version of our razor blade.

With its 20 ml of barrel volume, CUTTER 08 EPT can be fueled with the XTRA FLOW PAINT 100, the BLACK MAGIC INK 70 or the AQUA PRO PAINT 100 refills as the filled versions, with BUFF PROOF INK or STREET KILLER INK refills as well."